Brown bear Pashuk


Born in 2011 in Albania, rescued August 2016


Pashuk spent five years in a cage near a restaurant. Adding to his nightmarish life, he had a chain around his neck that had fused deeply into his flesh. When Pashuk was still small, the owners fitted the chain and shut him away in a shack. They never took that chain off, causing Pashuk to suffer incredible pain as he grew. He would not have survived if it was not for his timely rescue.

Since his arrival at BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina, he has made tremendous improvements. It’s hard to believe how fast he was able to recover from that very tough life after years of being kept in totally inappropriate conditions. Thankfully, the wound around his neck has completely healed, and he can now enjoy his new life, complete with special and appropriate veterinary treatment and care to facilitate his continued rehabilitation.

The socialisation of Gjina & Pashuk in BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina

July 2017 | We’re always hoping that most of our bears will be ready for socialisation with another bear at some point. This was the case with Pashuk and Gjina too. Both bears were rescued from horrible conditions in Albania. Our animal keepers at BEAR Sanctuary Prishtina were keeping a close eye on the bears behaviour and decided to introduce them to each other when they considered them ready. Everything went according to plan as you can see for yourselves: They enjoy playing together in their new, big home which they can now share happily. Two separate stories that are headed for a joint happy ending now!

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