Brown bear Gjina

Bear Gjina

Born in 2012 in Albania, rescued in August 2016


Gjina spent a particularly miserable existence in a space of only four square meters next to a restaurant where she had no protection from sun, wind, or rain. She was one of many “restaurant bears” in Albania. While she was in the cage, the clients of the restaurant were giving her as many as 20 bottles of beer to drink every day.

Luckily, Gjina was quite young when we rescued her, and the transformation she has shown has been remarkable. The results of the veterinary checks and constant observations we undertake at the park show that her health has reached a stable condition, and that she has progressed very well since her rescue. 

Since June 2017, Gjina and Pashuk have been living in the same sector. They are getting along very well with each other in an area of 8,500 square meters that is like their natural habitat in the wild. Gjina and Pashuk are encouraged in many ways to live as naturally as is possible.

Anniversary for Gjina, Tomi and Pashuk

September 2017 | A year previously, these three bears from Albania started a new life. They had all share one fate: kept in a dirty cage next to a restaurant, far away from a species appropriate life, Gjina, Tomi and Pashuk had to live in terrible conditions – for peoples entertainment. But together with the Albanian ministry we were able to save them and bring them to BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina where the bears have species appropriate food, enough space to play, walk and run around and close to the nature enclosures. Here they can finally live a life they deserved. We are more than happy that these former privately kept bears can enjoy the rest of their life in peace! 

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