Brown Bear Ari exploring the woods

Bear Ari

Born in 2003 in region of Sharri, rescued in May 2013


Ari is a very docile and good-natured bear. 

Before his rescue, Ari lived in bad conditions at a mini zoo with his mate, Rina. Due to his years in captivity, Ari used to show problems with stereotypical behaviors, but as the years pass in his new home at BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina, along with his time filled with and a special behavioral and environmental enrichment programme, these behaviors have been reduced. 

Ari is the only bear at BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina that doesn’t swim in his pool. Instead, he prefers to lie on the edge and splash water onto himself with his paws. He has a very good appetite and eats every fruit and vegetable without discrimination.

So cute: Bears Ari and Rina sharing kisses

March 2015 | Caught on video: our bears Ari and Rina kissing in snow-covered Prishtina.

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