Brown bears Ema, Oska and Ron

Bears Ema, Oska and Ron

Born in 2014 in Accursed Mountains, rescued in March 2014


Ema, Oska and Ron were rescued by FOUR PAWS when they were only one month old. The three cubs had been sold to two families and were being kept as pets. But their luck was about to change as the authorities became aware of the case and confiscated the young cubs. 

They were then taken to BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina, and since that time, our team of keepers and bear experts have been taking excellent care of them! As they have grown up together, these three bears are very close to one another. Therefore, the trio are almost always seen together.

Ema, Oska and Ron explore their new home at BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina

June 2015

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