Brown Bear Nala in the grass

Bear Nala

Born in 2007 in Rugova, rescued in May 2013


Despite being kept so close to a restaurant, like the other “restaurant bears”, Nala was fed a very poor, inadequate diet. She was very underweight after a lifetime of subsisting on bread crusts and other totally unsuitable food for her species. 

Since she arrived at our sanctuary, she has received a perfectly balanced diet, with many types of food that bears would eat in the wild. Here, she can recover as fully as possible from the stresses placed on her by life in a metal cage, and the rest of her days can be filled with peace. Nala has a round face and short stubby nose, which make her bear a striking resemblance to a teddy bear. Her favorite food is cherries.

Facts About Nala

  • Resuced 2013
  • Favorite food: cherries
  • Unique identifier: a round face and short stubby nose

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