Birds eye view of BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina


Our tours at BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina are led by experts who share fascinating facts and details about the brown bears.


After observing the bears at BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina, it is hard to imagine the kind of life they used to lead confined behind bars. Fortunately, the torture they once endured is over for our bear residents. These days, you will find the bears either playing in the ponds, looking for food or dozing in the shade, and simply enjoying life in the Sanctuary. Our tour guides will readily share their insights into the life of the bears and stories about the individual animals. 

On our guided tours, visitors are accompanied by a staff member while walking along the 1.5 km trail. This allows visitors to see the bears with the added benefit of hearing the stories of each of the bears, while also learning about bear biology and local biodiversity. This experience ensures that every visitor creates a deeper emotional connection with the nature.


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