Education Programme at Prishtina

Children and youth programme

Learn about animals in captivity and their life in freedom


The educational programme in our Environmental Education Centre “Thesaret e natyrës”

Our Centre for Environmental Education, "Thesaret e Natyrës", was established to enable the implementation of an educational framework to both educate and inspire visitors by sharing emotional stories and facts to promote greater sensitivity and awareness of subjects such as animal welfare and nature conservation.

The educational programme is a combination of uniquely designed activities that provide information in ways that are practical, fun, and easy to understand. These activities cover environmental topics such as nature and species conservation.

Discovering Nature’s Treasures

Our “Treasure Hunt” is an educational activity that puts the mind and body into motion to find answers to a list of questions that test the visitors’ general knowledge of animals and nature. By following the instructions and discovering hidden clues in the centre's indoor area, visitors find answers to a list of questions. If they are successful, they earn the title of “Hero of Nature”. This special challenging learning experience is offered free of charge to all who visit BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina.

Outdoor classes

Here at BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina, we offer a special hands-on educational model known as "Forest School", in which students visit a natural environment to attend environmental education courses. Through activities involving both students and teachers, we have discussions and presentations on nature-related topics, quizzes, workshops, outdoor walking, crafts using recyclable materials, sports, and many others.

We also offer refreshments at the sanctuary in the 'Thesaret e Natyrës' restaurant. Here you can order hot lunches or enjoy a tasty break by trying our eco-friendly products. School groups can reserve tables in the restaurant or outside.

Together let's form a nature-friendly generation!

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