Brown Bear Kassandra

Bear Kassandra

Born in 2002 in region of Sharri, rescued in March 2013


Kassandra was the first bear rescued by FOUR PAWS in Kosovo. Although the sanctuary wasn’t yet ready, we rescued her as soon as was possible from her cruel captivity. 

Since she arrived in our sanctuary, she has transformed dramatically; both physically and mentally. Her grey-brown coat was in really bad condition; check out her beautiful new blonde fur! 

She is the fussiest eater of all of the bears. She prefers sweet fruit and doesn’t really like vegetables. Her favorite fruit is watermelon.

Kassandra & Vini: the newest couple at BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina

May 2016 | Watching formerly captive bears that have been rescued from poor conditions enjoy their lives in a natural environment is already very special. But to give them a partner for life, fills us with so much joy we can't even express it in words. After many terrible years alone in captivity, we are finally able to give bears Kassandra and Vini from our BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina the most beautiful thing on earth, a partner with whom they can share the rest of their lives with. There is nothing better than having someone to keep you company while you are eating, playing and sleeping, right?

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Facts About Kassandra

  • Rescued in 2013
  • Favorite fruit: watermelon
  • Unique identifier: her beautiful smile

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